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Policy of quality

Electrocentrmontazh PLC employs the system of quality management, aimed at improvement of the capability of the enterprise to carry out electric installation works, meeting the requirements and the expectations of customers as well as obligatory requirements of the specifications and technical documentation and legal requirements.

The purpose of the enterprise is user's satisfaction through effective application of the system, its continuous improvement and ensuring of conformity of the electric installation work with the customer's requirements and obligatory requirements of legislative and statutory acts.

Activity of the enterprise and system of quality management are based on the following principles:

The enterprise depends on users of its production and understands the current and future needs of a user (customer), meets requirements of a user and tries to surpass expectations of a user.

Leadership of the head.
Director of the enterprise establishes uniformity of the purposes and administration, creates and maintains environment, in which workers are completely involved into achievement of the purposes of the enterprise. Activity of a director of the enterprise is directed at implementation of a management system allowing to achieve the highest internal productivity and the maximum satisfaction of customers.

Involving of workers.
The personnel of all levels makes the basis of the enterprise, and its full involvement allows to use the workers' abilities for the benefit of the enterprise. Involvement of workers is a task of the administration, which should ensure personnel's understanding of the importance of its own contribution and its role in the enterprise, the responsibility of everyone for achieving of the result, participation in the problems' solution, self-estimation of own indicators in comparison with overall aims and problems, participation of the personnel in search of opportunities of improvement and orientation at creation of additional worth for a customer.

Process approach.
The desirable result is attained more effectively when the corresponding resources and activities are operated as complete processes. The process approach provides interconnection of all types of activity, its coordination and orientation at achievement of the purposes of the enterprise and the society.

System approach to management.
Management of interrelated system of quality elements, improvement of productivity and efficiency of the organization. Activity of the enterprise is directed at creation of a system, which would ensure achievement of given purposes in the most effective way, at continuous improvement of the system by means of an estimation and changing, determination of all opportunities and resources before making any decisions.