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History of the company

Within pre-war five-year state plan periods, when the first units of the Byelorussian power engineering were erected (Byelorussian State District Power Station, Minsk Cogeneration Plant - 2) there was no permanent specialized organization for assembling and installation of electric equipment, there were no means of automation.

On January, 1, 1940 by decision of the People's Commissariat of power stations the "Centerelectromontazh" administration office was founded with the purpose of electric installation works on power installations fulfillment .

In 1942 "Centerelectromontazh" administration office was transformed into "Centerelectrosetstroy"construction and assembling administrative board, on the base of which the All-Union electric assembly and "Centerelectrosetstrozh" design enterprise was founded, which afterwards was reorganized into "Centerelectrosetstroy" trust.

In 1962, in connection with the further narrowing of specialization and improvement of building and construction works quality, "Centerelectrosetstroy" trust has been renamed into " Electrocentermontazh" trust.

During the Great Patriotic War the working collective of the trust worked hard on power installations of the defensive industry. Eight mobile power trains were mounted in order to provide battle-front territories and the territories liberated from fascist invaders with electric supply. Advancing West after the Soviet troops the collective of trust was engaged in recovery of power stations in Volgograd, Minsk, Sevastopol, Bryansk, Voronezh, Orsha and other cities.

During the war years the collective was repeatedly awarded the first places and the passing Red banner of the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions and the People's Commissariat for power stations for self-sacrificing work, successes in socialist competition. In 1946 this banner was presented to the trust on constant storage.

During the post-war years the collective of trust was engaged into recovery of the destroyed and construction of new power installations of Soviet Union.

Recovery of Belarus power engineering during the post-war period by "Centerelectromontazh" trust started in 1945 from recovery of the Byelorussian State District Power Station, the Minsk Cogeneration Station - 2, construction of the Minsk Thermal Cogeneration Station - 3. In 1951 the first turbo-generator 25МWt was put into operation at the Minsk Cogeneration Station - 3.

Success of complete electrification of Belarus, which was accomplished in 1967, is definitely a credit of the collective of Installation Works Administration Office №8 of the "Electrocentrmontazh" trust, which has been created on the 1st of July, 1962.

In Russia Kurskaya, Smolenskaya atomic power stations were completed, in Ukraine - Zaporozhskaya, Rovenskaya atomic power stations were constructed.

On the 7th of June, 1994 the enterprise was renamed into the enterprise of collective property "Centerelectromontazh ", and on the 25th of October, 1999 it was transformed into public company " Centerelectromontazh".

For the period of its activity the "Centerelectromontazh" public company carried out works at all power installations of Belarus. It participated directly in putting into operation of such units as: Berezovsk and Lukoml State District Power Stations, Svetlogorsk, Mogilyov, Grodno, Novopolock, Bobruisk, Mozir power stations, Minsk Cogeneration Plant -3, Minsk Cogeneration Plant -4, first block of the Minsk Cogeneration Plant -5.

Installation of the first substation 110 kV "Coca-Cola" for ABB company "on a turn-key basis" was carried out.